Phata – bypass (फाटा) | Marathi Short Film

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Published on Oct 2, 2016
Officially selected at Vivek National Short Film Festival(Aatpat production -Nagraj Manjule) and CSIFF(Chatrapati Shivaji international film Festival)
Film is based on superstition methods and religion difference in remote villages in Maharashtra, India.
There is say in Marathi विचारांना फाटा देणे means giving bypass to thought(s). Phata/bypass is used as symbolic thing to characters’ thoughts.
“Altaf, 12-year-old Muslim boy how he is thinking and setting his mind to take a firm decision.
Story moves around this boy and his friend Ganesh mother’s (Kausabai) thoughts and how they act according to their

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Rahul Zaware
Producer: Pratiksha Zaware
Screenplay:Satish Pawar,Rahul Zaware,Avinash Borude
Music / Sound: Gurunath Meher
Editor: Vivek Kamat
Cinematographer: Vivek Kamat,Anuj Yadav
Executive Producer:Tejas Desale
Art Director:Avinash Borude
Actors: Aaditya Paddune, Jeevan Karande, Savita Karande, Sagar Nikahde, Aruna Yashvanti,Sagar Raut,Javed Sayyed,Priyanka Mandekar,Pramod Pardhi



Cast & Crew:

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