Naan8 – Me Myself and My Clones | Award Winning Short film

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NAAN8 is a Tamil Short film written & directed by Shammeer Sultan which is the story of a techie who has different commitments at the same time encounters a mystic who gives him a mirror that can clone himself. When he has his clones to take care of his work, Will he find the purpose of his life?

Writer & Director & Music – Shammeer Sultan

Co-Director – Arjun Krishna…

Cinematographer & Editor – MathanGuna Deva

Art Director –Selvakumar. V

Associate Cinematographer – RV Balaji

Producers – Chandrakasan & Raghunath

Vfx – Arul Murugan. S

Singers– Deepak | Gantasaala Raju

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered – Sreejith, SA studio

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